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Tree Trail updated!

I am delighted to tell you that the popular Rothbury Tree Trail has been updated for 2024.

You will now be able to hear the story of the stunning beech tree opposite the Haugh Car Park. This tree has watched the people of Rothbury enjoy many forms of entertainment over the years. She has a good view across the river to the Haugh Car Park. Find out what used to happen here each year! And more!

A wonderful new addition is the Fastigiate Yew Tree in All Saints Car Park. She tells you about yew trees in general, and fastigiate yews in particular.

Jeff Reynalds tells a little bit about the church itself, while encouraging you to have a look inside at some of the wonderful things in there.

For even more information about the church you can visit this website: All Saints Church in Rothbury - Fabulous North

The Rothbury Tree Trail

You can download the Trail, for free. Go to the The Tree Trail tab on this website. The Trail is an app which downloads to your phone. Once you have downloaded it, choose Rothbury (there are other tree trails on there which you can do). The Trail begins in the Haugh Car Park.

There has been such great feedback on the App, and the Trails, it has been popular with locals and visitors alike.

Enjoy learning a little bit about Rothbury's social history, and about our trees.


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