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Rothbury Tree Wardens

The Tree Council began a tree warden scheme some 30 years ago.

Northumberland County Council has agreed to trial volunteer tree wardens in Rothbury. If we do a good job, other areas will also join the trial. Eventually, the whole of Northumberland will have tree wardens caring for trees and supporting NCC tree officers.

What Tree Wardens do

Tree Wardens plant, protect and promote their local trees. No training or experience in tree management is needed – just a love of trees and a few hours to spare.

Tree Wardens are organised into local groups. Each group is managed by a co-ordinator and is autonomous, meeting regularly to decide what they would like to focus on. Some of the projects Tree Warden groups have done include:

  • Arranging local tree planting days

  • Pruning, watering and giving vital aftercare to local trees after planting

  • Working with local authorities to plant and care for our precious street trees

  • Rejuvenating local woodlands in need of management

  • Raising funds and identifying suitable land for local tree planting projects

  • Going into schools to talk to young people about the value of trees.

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