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Young to old... Rothbury Tree Wardens are taking root...

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Jen Homer with grand-daughter, Holly, Katie Scott, Cllr Glen Sanderson - Leader of NCC, Hazel Mayer.

The Tree Council's Tree Warden Scheme, begun over 30 years ago, has finally taken root in Northumberland.

NCC's Leader, Cllr Glen Sanderson, and Hazel Scurr, Climate Change officer, came along to see where we have planted the 150 saplings which they donated, and to admire the 5 bigger trees and the plaque.

It is wonderful news that the Tree Warden Scheme will now be rolled out throughout Northumberland. Learn more about the scheme and sign up to be a warden, here:


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2 kommentarer

10. apr. 2022

This is a wonderful thing for Rothbury, and for the whole of Northumberland.

Katie Scott
Katie Scott
17. sep. 2022

What a joy it was to read this, thank you.

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