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Would you like to hear some GOOD NEWS? Well of course you would!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

2021 and the beginning of 2022 have been pretty glum, eh? I don’t need to list the catalogue of horrors we have been dealing with. So, with a huge heart full of love and pleasure, I am delighted to tell you that the Rothbury Tree Wardens have wonderful, fantastic, news to share.

We have received, from various sources, donations of money to fund our tree and hedge planting activities. We will be able to plant 100s more trees and hedges in 2022. Generous folk have been in touch and given us funds to ensure planting in our area can continue apace. There are many reasons for wanting to plant trees, at least one donor stated it was to 'offset carbon relating to their car journeys'. Our 'King Tree Warden', Alan Winlow, told me that he "loves planting trees on wide road verges to carbon offset - driving along, the trees are on the job right where you are creating the carbon dioxide"!

I cannot say much more about the donations, and land to plant on, at the moment, as there are negotiations underway. But what I will tell you is that we plan to plant mostly native trees, a range of them, all selected as the most appropriate type for where they will live, thrive, and grow. We have some funds to purchase biodegradable shields/guards. We also have a massive amount of plastic guards which we’ve collected from trees no longer in need of them. (This is recycling, we will not be purchasing any new plastic guards). Last year, a bunch of us had the very satisfying job of removing guards that should have been taken away yonks ago - look at the relieved trees! But the guards can be reused, along with the stakes.

Look at the gunk that was inside this tree guard, poor tree!


Plaquesdo you know someone who can make plaques?

As more and more folk are approaching us asking to plant trees in memory of loved ones, or in memory of an occasion, such as a wedding, hand-fasting, or birth, we would like a plaque maker we can recommend and purchase from. Either comment on this blog, or email

So – come on 2022 – we see you – we welcome you – we are going to make you such a special year!

Love from Katie and the Tree Warden Team (take a look at who we are on the website):


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Great news Katie!


Katie Scott
Katie Scott
31 янв. 2022 г.

If you would like to be part of the tree/hedge planting activities, do get in touch.

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