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What do Kathryn Tickell, Rod Clements, James Tait, Hannah Lamb...

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

John Homer, and Chrissie Buckley, and Rothbury Highland Pipe Band all have in common?


These are the magnificent musicians who have kindly given music to accompany the Rothbury Tree Trail, which launches on September 24th!

Not only do we have these fine musicians, but we also have the voices for the trees:

The Craa Tree - voiced by Hazel Mason (and the ghost tree by James Tait).

The Weeping Ash - voiced by Patsy and Billy Murray.

The Beech Tree, voiced by Sheila Gregory.

The Rowan Tree, voiced by Arthur Winter and Jade Newbould.

Sycamore in Armstrong Park, voiced by Jon Tait.

Chestnut tree, voiced by Sandy Hunter.

I really hope folk will enjoy doing this tree trail. It will be an App on the phone. I hope to also have paper copies available.


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