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What are they doing to our Rothbury trees?!

Well, that got your attention, didn't it?

THANK YOU MIKE and team.

Our wonderful Rothbury Gardeners have been taking a good look at the trees, and they have numbered them all. Julie and Mike have put an identity disc on each tree so that in the future, when Rothbury Parish Council has the trees inspected, we will all know exactly which tree is being spoken about.

This can save an awful lot of confusion, as I am sure you can guess!

Mike Evens reports:

There are 59 trees on all the village greens; this includes the latest planted trees which have been donated by The Over-60s club (a crab apple) and Rothbury WI I (a rowan). RPC is also responsible for the care of the trees in the closed graveyards at Haw Hill and All Saints Church, and Whitton Bank Cemetary. Overall, there are more than 170 trees.

Thank you to Mike and the gardening team for all their wonderful work in looking after these trees and places. Our village (town, really) always looks so lovely, thanks to their hard work.


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