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What a great way to spend a Sunday!

Can you guess what we were up to? Hold on, take a look at the next picture, that might help.

Have you guessed yet? What, still 'NO'?? Try this next picture then:

Oh come on, that MUST have given it away??

Ok, last one..

You've got it, measuring and looking at trees!

Today we held the first Tree Warden event in Rothbury. I invited Nick Johnson, of the Northumbria Veteran Tree Project Northumbria Veteran Tree Project – Identifying veteran, heritage and notable trees across the regions of Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland to come to Rothbury and talk to us about the Project and to show us how to take the vital statistics of some of our special trees in Rothbury.

I asked Nick to take a look at the beautiful chestnut tree by the War Memorial, and to enter the details onto his database, and onto Treezilla.

Of course, I knew exactly how old this tree is, as I have written about it in my 'If Trees Could Speak' series. I know this tree, and its friends were planted in 1858. So when Nick finished his measuring, and I had refused to tell him when the tree was planted, we asked: 'Well, Nick, how old do you estimate this tree is, then?" When he answered "Erm, I would say, about 160 years old" Everyone laughed as I sneered - "Good grief, you are WAY out - by at least three years"!! Here is the result, recorded on: Treezilla

"Treezilla is a citizen science project that is aiming to encourage members of the public, local authorities, business, local groups, and other organisations to collaborate in mapping, measuring and monitoring trees across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland."

As an NCC Community Climate Champion, I have chosen to record our trees on Treezilla, because this records the eco-benefits of each tree years"!!

It has been a fantastic afternoon. Nick began by giving an illustrated talk on the Project as a whole, then explained about Notable, Ancient, and Veteran trees. This was followed by a fun time understanding how to measure and age trees.

Thanks so much to Nick and Julia. We will certainly be inviting you back to repeat the session for those tree wardens who were unable to attend.


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Sorry to have missed this and so pleased that it was a success. Great photos!

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