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We all love a freeby - well, how about a free tree!

Northumberland County Council are again giving away free trees - but you need to apply quickly!

What kind of tree would you like? You choose by the size of space you have for planting.

  • Large garden: Wild cherry, English oak

  • Medium garden: Silver birch, Rowan

  • Small garden: Crab apple, Holly

  • Limited garden space: Box, Wild privet

Simply log onto NCC's free tree page, and fill in a form: NCC - Free Tree Scheme 2021 ( Yes, I know it says 2021, but it really is the correct page! You can find out more here: Northumberland County Council - Our Environment BOOK NOW THOUGH, or you may miss out!

You collect your tree from The Jubilee Hall on 4th December from 15.45 -6.00pm. I will be giving them out, alongside an NCC employee.

Don't worry - it won't be this big!

You can easily carry the sapling home, it will be very small, a cell grown plant, about 30cm. You will also get (also free) a biodegradable shelter, plus a cane for support.

• Plant when trees are dormant – November to March.

• Prepare your site: mark out where you are going to plant, cut the grass short and remove the weeds.

• Plant your tree with enough space: recommend 2metre apart from other trees (1-5 metres is a good range).

• Dig a hole deep enough for all the tree roots (see this video: How to plant a Tree - The Woodland Trust - YouTube

Years 1-3:

Weeding: keep 1-metre diameter around your tree free of weeds and grass as these will compete with your tree for moisture and nutrients.

• Manual weeding is great or using mulch (such as bark chips or straw).

No need to water: this will help the tree adapt to your garden and natural conditions. It will encourage roots to grow downwards in search of water (instead of up to the soil surface). This will increase the trees stability. Only water if there are long dry spells, if so, saturate the ground so the water sinks deep down to the roots.

Beware of mowers: make sure everyone knows where the sapling is to stop it being damaged or mowed over.

What’s on offer for schools, and community groups?

Our schools, and community groups can apply for a free tree pack in sizes 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120.

Choices of tree packs are:

Hedge - Make a natural screen or connect existing woodland to help wildlife stay on the move. You will get a variety of each species for 8 metres of full, easy to manage hedging. Species include: Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Dog Rose, Hazel

Copse - Plant a small group of trees as a wildlife haven, providing a valuable food and shelter source. Species include: Silver birch, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn

Native Harvest - Ideal as a food source for wildlife or you can harvest the fruit and nuts for your own projects such as jams, baking etc. Species include: Hazel, Crab Apple, Elder, Rowan

Well what are you waiting for? See you on December 4th 2023



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