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The Great Pause. A Time to Feel; A Time to Heal.

I have always felt a certain awe, wonder, and power when I am amongst trees - especially in woodland or forest. Do you feel this also? Now in my crone years, it feels extraordinarily strong and powerful. And good - it feels good. The Tree Project, well I sort of fell into it a year or so ago - I have been just muddling on, writing a piece here and there. Reading loads, studying, thinking. Trees, and the fungus linking them, are of crucial importance. So I developed this website. A tiny contribution. I know the time is right to readjust our thinking. We all know this - you know it. We are in a great pause, just now. But this will soon stop and the devastation will be hurtling and terrifying. Now it is time to help Mother Earth to rebalance in a new way. Many humans feel they are at the top of a hierarchy. Governments the world over feel they must dominate the planet and all that live on it, for £££. It is time to rethink, it is time to feel and to heal.


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