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Seeds 2 Trees - Rothbury Tree Warden Group has signed up to the Seeds 2 Trees Project.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Seeds 2 Trees is a project by Living Woods North East. This is what it is all about:

Seeds2Trees was launched by Living Woods just last year to enable people of all ages, across local communities, to grow UK native trees from seed, for future use in our community focussed tree planting schemes

  • help to grow more trees; creating woodlands, and improving our natural environment.

  • enable the broader community to become part of the solution.

  • give agency to people as we work together to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis.

  • Our community of over 500 tree growers together will produce 50,000 new

  • trees by Autumn 2026. A perfect opportunity for individuals, households, schools and community groups to ‘grow the change we need’.

Planting good seeds - sowing life. So happy to support this vital work.

So far over 20 people have signed up from Rothbury and the surrounding area, to help to grow and nurture some treelings. Watch this space for how the project evolves!


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