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Proud and excited for 4th of April!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

On Monday 4th April, after many months of me hectoring NCC, a fabulous team from Northumberland County Council is coming to Rothbury to officially launch the Tree Warden Scheme across Northumberland. We are looking forward to telling and showing the leader of NCC, Cllr Glen Sanderson, what we have been doing.

Rothbury Tree Wardens are proud to have initiated and pioneered this - alongside the Tree Council. It is great to know that other Tree Warden groups will now be supported by NCC throughout Northumberland.

You know, when I get an idea I always want things to happen now! But of course, political wheels turn slowly. And we have got here. It is fabulous to have this acknowledgment. I am very grateful to the Climate Change Team at County Hall, which has been completely supportive and helpful in making this happen

You can read more about it all here:

Rothbury tree wardens pioneer new county-wide scheme | Northumberland Gazette


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