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Mother Nature's Icy Creations

Walking down the river path, towards Thrum Mill, on Tuesday 17th January, 2023, what an array of beautiful, magical, sights - signs of hope, and proof of the magnificent, terrifying, power of Nature.

This is a large section of tarmac from the riverside path, which storms, weather, and floods have lifted and placed in the arms of this accommodating tree. The tree seems rather bemused at this unnatural babe in its arms.

The Coquet, showing off its carefully designed whale's teeth decorations dripping off the boughs of the overhanging trees. Hopeful catkins dip their slender fingers into the fast-flowing water.

Turn up the volume, have a listen!

These ice jewels brightened up a cold walk. The patterns in the Coquet a magical work of art.

A solitary autumn leaf grows a temporary frock of rainbow ice. It hangs above the frozen tears of dead trees, thinking of the coming spring.

And Spring will come.

It always does.

Let's hope it always will.

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