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Lovely Laburnum!

I've been meaning to get a picture of the laburnum on the village green for a while. But today it was just perfect. Rothbury was busy, lots of visitors. And the people enjoying the fine hospitality at the Newcastle House definitely had the best view of this beauty.

Often called 'golden rain' all parts of this gorgeous tree are poisonous if ingested. Introduced to the UK in 1560 it is a favourite in British parks and gardens. Did you know it is a member of the pea family? The fruits of the laburnum are similar to pea-pods, but are twisted and black. We will be able to see these on this fine specimen, soon enough. You will know that Rothbury has a famous Highland Pipe Band? Well, laburnum was a very popular wood for making the Great Highland Bagpipes. But I do not know if any of our pipers' instruments are made from laburnum.


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