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How the King got rid of the kingfisher. (This is someone else's blog).

Thank you to a friend of mine, who wrote this blog, from December 2019 onwards. It is about the management of woodland by the then Prince Charles, now the King. It is a photo essay and discussion about a totally unsympathetic and devastating way of managing land. It details what has happened to woodland in Cornwall which is owned by the Duchy. The writer has an affinity with this area and clearly knows it inside out. They say:

"The former Prince of Wales often spoke of his, "potty" concern for the environment and of his 'green efforts' to make things better. However, when he said, "Get into Woodlands", he meant that the exploitation of woods is lucrative."

As we approach a new period in British History, this is a timely blog to read, for those of us interested in ecology and biodiversity.


Don't take my word for it, have a read yourself: Click -


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