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Do you see what I see?

We had a superb walk along the Carriageway, and by the side of Primrose Woods yesterday. The weather was perfect, sunny, and cold, no wind.

We found a new (to us) Beech Wood. Take a look:

It felt very peaceful, and magical, here.

Further on, a most amazing sight. And a first for me - we spotted two ravens!

Note: these are not my photos, nor 'my' ravens. I didn't even think to get my phone out of my pocket.

At the beginning of the walk was where I took the first photo. This magnificent Birch tree has been prostrate for a long time. But it has not died, it continues to live. Look:

Can you see what has happened? It's branches reach skyward, and life goes on, but in a different way.

It reminded me a bit of a poem I wrote yonks ago, although that poem was written in Autumn. Here it is:

An Autumn Play

A surprising riverscape is revealed As the greenest scenes of summer wane. The stage has altered. Now it is earthy browns, mottled leaves.

I thought it was the start of decay. But the foliage curtain has raised To unveil Quite a different set.

A willow tree. Horizontal, arms and fingers dip Into the listening river While her mossy roots reach up. A frilly petticoat of fungi and lichen Drip prettily around her ankles.

Along her trunk life teams Can you hear?

And offshoots spiral skywards. These small thin branches point towards the sun. Clouds of tiny leaves Halo their heads.

It’s not a rehearsal, this


In the midst of decay.


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