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Digging, planting, laughing, hoping.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Plant a Tree (Apologies to Lucy Larcom)

They who plant a tree Plant a hope.

They who plant a tree Plant a joy.

They who plant a tree Plant peace.

They who plant a tree Plant love...

GRATITUDE A massive amount of thanks is pouring out of my heart today.

Firstly, to Mother Nature, for the most perfect weather for our event! Blue skies, warm, not too hot.

Then, to the amazing, kind, and hard-working, Mike Evens. He transported the five big trees (3 silver birch, 2 native wild cherries) and helped dig the first hole, and showed us how to do it.

He showed us the size of the hole, how to make a place for the watering tube, and where to place the stake.

I need to say special thanks to Jane Cheadle. This wonderful woman has been quietly planting trees around Coquetdale for a few years now. She is quite the unsung hero. She just gets on with it, always self-deprecating, never wanting or seeking praise. But I must tell you, I am very proud indeed to be her friend, and am so happy she is a Rothbury Tree Warden. She dug a deep hole today, in very difficult ground, for a stunning silver birch.

Thanks are due to all the tree wardens, and all the Living Environment folk who turned out. Many members of the community came along and planted 150 little trees. How lovely is that? Tree Wardens will be taking care of these special little saplings, and will be keeping an eye on (and watering) the large trees. A special call out to Professor Darren Evans, for his kind help to the younger members who came along to help. Our future really is in the hands and hearts of today's youngsters, so it was gratifying to welcome Coquetdale kids to the event.

Thanks must go to Northumberland County Council, for supplying the trees, and for the traffic control. Below you can see Hazel Scurr, from the Climate Change Team, who brought the saplings, and did a great job planting one of the larger trees. She brought joy and professionalism to the whole event.

NCC Traffic Control officers were helpful and vigilant, thanks to them for keeping us right and safe. (Apologies to drivers who were inconvenienced for a short time, I do hope you will think it was worth it).

Planting Trees

Today six slender fruit trees stand Where yesterday were none; They have been planted by my hand, And they shall dazzle in the sun When all my springs are done. Two apples shall unfold their rose, Two cherries their snow, two pears; And fruit shall hang where blossom blows, When I am gone from these sweet airs To where none knows or cares. My heart is glad, my heart is high With sudden ecstasy; I have given back, before I die, Some thanks for every lovely tree That dead men grew for me.


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Mar 19, 2022

What a great day it was!

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