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Can trees hold back the mighty River Coquet?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I have spent quite a lot of time with Alan Winlow lately. He has shown me woodlands which need tree protectors removing. He has pointed out the best places to see trees self-setting.

But a couple of weeks ago I spent a morning with him as he explained to me about the work he and some other folk have done to (hopefully) stop the Coquet from consuming good pasture land in Whitton and Tosson.

Look at the way the Coquet has turned this corner! It has become almost a right-angle. Trees on the left are slowly falling into the river as a result of huge rocks which had been put there years ago by the 'River Authority'. It was not a good idea, unfortunately, and the trees will not survive. (I heard and saw a huge salmon jump in this quiet bay when I took this photograph!).

Here is a picture of the willow which Alan has used, along with dead trees, and strong rope, to put in place a barrier, hopefully to prevent the Coquet from flooding over into the pasture land.

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