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Bench Part 2. Rothbury Cottage Care - what an exceptionally fine bench for residents..

...and for all staff, visitors, patients. The Save Rothbury Community Hospital Campaign Team is so proud and happy to present this wonderful bench. It will provide the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view over Rothbury and Coquetdale.

Michael, working on the almost completed bench.

There are a lot of thanks to be made - mostly to the amazing residents of Rothbury and Coquetdale, who supported the campaign, indeed, who WERE the campaign, for over 6 years.

But immense thanks are due to Michael Boxall, for his sensitive skill in the construction of this magnificent bench. He is currently also working on a picnic bench to accompany this. Thank you to everyone who donated.

There follows a photographic record of the end stages of the making of the incredible bench.

Michael marking the position of mortise in the bench end. (Mortise = a hole or recess cut into a part which is designed to receive a corresponding projection (a tenon) on another part so as to join or lock the parts together).

Michael is augering a mortise. (An 'auger' is a tool used for making large holes in wood or the ground).

Completing the augered mortise.

The scary part! Michael checking that the seat fits into the base properly! (It does!).

Michael very carefully marks the position of the mortise for the seat back.

Finally the backrest is fitted on.

I know we will all love sitting on this bench, maybe with a cuppa on the picnic table (some Champagne might be possible!!) in the near future.



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