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Are you ready for - The Launch of the Rothbury Tree Trail?!

Collecting all the information, writing up the histories, choosing, then writing, the right stories, choosing the best voices, taking photographs, recording or collecting the best music, employing the best technicians. I AM SO PROUD...

The Rothbury Tree Trail is ready to launch on Saturday 24th September 2022.

What a real joy it has been to work on this.

This Veteran Beech is the first tree you will encounter.

So many people to thank, but Nick and Julia, from the Northumbria Veteran Tree Project, are top of the list. They provided the technical support, via Dan Boys, of AT Creative Ltd. My husband, John, has been such a massive support and help. Even when I was grouchy and annoyed with him for not understanding what I meant, he stayed calm, and quietly helped me explain in a way that a human could get, then did whatever it was I was asking.

So, I have created a circular Tree Trail, which begins and ends in the Haugh Car Park. The reason for this is to encourage visitors to park here, and then walk through the town and see, and use, all our lovely business and hospitality places. The Trail stops at certain trees, who will begin to tell you their story as you get close to them. There is plenty of other information to discover also.

John Tait from Lazy Grace has kindly organised and designed signs for the first trees on the Trail. Rothbury Parish Council has been supportive of this project from the start. So many people have helped, with the human histories, with the tree knowledge. Peter Dawson in particular, has been really supportive.

We have wonderful local musicians providing the music, and lovely local voices being the voices of the trees.

I know it is far far from perfect, and of course it could be better, but it has been a joy to make the Rothbury Tree Trail, and I am immensely proud of it, and thankful for all the help I have received. Any faults remain with me, and not with all the folk who supported and helped with it.

Details to follow on how to access the Trail.

Any questions?


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