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Veteran Beech 

Ancient Trees

Veteran Trees

Heritage Trees

Notable Trees

Champion Trees

Ancient trees are all veterans, but not all veteran trees are ancient.

Let me explain.

An Ancient Tree is one that has reached a great age in comparison with others of the same species.

A Veteran Tree can, surprisingly, be any age. A veteran tree is a survivor that has developed some of the features
found on an ancient tree, not necessarily as a consequence of time, but of its life or environment.

Key habitat features of a veteran tree

  • Evidence of decay processes, such as hollowing in the trunk, fruit bodies of fungi known to cause wood decay, and cavities or rot holes, damaged bark.

  • Significant amounts of deadwood.

A Heritage Tree is one that is considered to be part of our history and culture - and connected to specific events in our history. Or they are beloved landmarks.

A Notable Tree is one that is significant locally - like our Craa Tree at Beggar's Rigg.

A Champion Tree is one that is the tallest or has the widest girth, of its kind in an area. There are quite a few champions in Cragside.

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